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Software Development

Nova Systems provides expert design, development and integration services for companies seeking to create new business applications or enhance existing ones.  Our team has the required expertise in industry-standard technologies like Delphi, C, HTML, Java, PHP and mySQL.

We specialize in designing custom applications for the computer telephony market. From simple voice mail solutions to full featured PBX, let Nova create a solution for you.


AltiGen Software Development

Nova Systems has provided custom AltiGen software applications for various customers across the country.  Our development applications serve a wide variety of industries ranging from small specific requests to the Hospitality Industry and Law Firms.

Attention AltiGen Dealers

In addition to developing software for AltiGen end-users we also partner with other AltiGen dealers.  As an AltiGen dealer ourselves we understand that every end-user has very specific requirement and requests.  How many times have you attended a meeting and presented the the robust AltiGen feature list only to have the potential customer ask: "Does it this?"  If you have such a prospect let us know how we can partner with you to support their needs. 

Branded Software Program

Help your customers be more productive AND open additional revenue streams.  We have recently started a Branded Applications program.  We will customize our pre-developed applications with your dealer information.  This includes dealer specific company logo and contact information

Additional Revenue Streams

Customers today want convenience and increased productivity.   We as service providers need to stay in touch with our customers at all times.

Now you can provide applications that provides both for your customer AND keeps YOUR contact information in front of them.  Imagine your company logo brightly displayed when a customer hits a hot-key to call a number selected from a web browser. 

Currently we provide Alti-Select/Dial in a branded format for a single one-time $700 charge, NO License restrictions on quantities maximums. 

Call us for additional information and pricing


Additional Examples of development services for Computer Telephony:

  •  Voice mail
  •  PBX
  •  IVR 
  •  Fax
  •  Screen Pops
  •  Call detail reporting
  •  TAPI
  •  Web Integration using PHP - Java

We work with hardware manufactures that include:

  •  AltiGen communications
  •  Dialogic
  •  Brooktrout
  •  Pika







download: Alti-SelectDial